Dark Under Eyes

Men and women alike can experience Dark Under Eyes in their life, but it’s an avoidable problem.

You may have noticed that at some point or another you have ended up with dark under eyes. Many people have this symptom but not many have realized what actually causes it. The usual diagnosis of being tired or worn out is not really an accurate one to make. Often it shows a sign of aging that does nothing to help your confidence. Hey are not, on the other hand a symptom of burning the candle at both ends, you did nothing to have done nothing to add to this problem, it just sort of happens to all of us at some point or other. Medically it is classed as uniform circles resulting in Dark Under Eyes. Physically they are often unappealing and people are always looking for ways to get rid of them but if you do not know the exact cause how can you expect to treat the problem?

Dark Under Eyes Washing

Whatever you call the dark rings around your eyes, and let us be honest there are some amusing names out there, they are simply an oxidization of the hemoglobin beneath your eyes. So it is not really that simple but at least you now know what it is. It all starts in the capillaries beneath the skin in your eyes. Because the capillaries are so thin the red blood cells often leak through into the skin, from here they are broken down by enzymes in the body to make sure that they cause no harm to other parts of your body, but this is where the problem lies. When hemoglobin is broken down it becomes a blue or purple color, and with the skin being so thin around the eyes, it results in highly noticeable dark under eyes. The idea that you look like you have been in a fight is less than appealing to most people so is there something you can do about it? Of course there is!

Dark Under Eyes

There are many theories out there on what products to use to get rid of dark circles under the eyes. Some home remedies are even toted as being the only way to get rid of them. What you really want at this point though is something that actually works to help lighten up dark under eyes. Whether it is a home remedy or just a normal over the counter cream, as long as it works then you can start to see an improvement. No one likes the idea of aging much so should you be one of the unlucky few that struggle to find a cure there are always ways to reduce the effects you see or maybe even something new that you have not tried yet. You should note that there is no need to start booking appointments with the plastic surgeon; we do not have to go to those extremes just yet.

The over the counter creams for Dark Under Eyes will obviously start to become expensive if they do not always work so you best bet is to maybe start off with some home remedies. You can find these all over the internet, or even ask a neighbor or someone from work. Most ladies have some cure or other hidden up their sleeve or some piece of advice that has been passed down from generation to generation. We offer remedies as a risk-free trial for Dark Under Eyes on this page or on our main page. You pay only shipping and handling and can test the product yourself. If you’re not completely satisfied with the improvements on your Dark Under Eyes, simple cancel the trial and you’re done. It’s that easy.

Some home remedies you could try are freezing some spoons full of water and then placing them on the area affected by the Dark Under Eyes until they melt, this can rejuvenate the entire area quite quickly and help revitalize the skin. Most people have heard of the cucumber method, which does work to some degree but here is another vegetable related cure; puree a raw potato then spread it on your closed eyes. Simply leave it to sit there for 30 minutes then rinse off. You should start to see a change straight away. Just remember that with home cures they will normally take more than one application to see the full effects, but with them being natural you can use them on a regularly basis without fear of causing damage to yourself.

There are some medical reasons that cause Dark Under Eyes, but most of these are extremely noticeable by other symptoms so the chances of you having them go unnoticed for long enough that you only pick up on the dark skin under your eyes is highly unlikely. That being said if you do feel that there is a more serious reason for your Dark Under Eyes it would be a wise choice to go see your doctor, they can rule out any problems and focus any treatments that may be needed. In most cases, however, Dark Under Eyes are strictly a cosmetic issue that can be easily treated given the right methods or remedies.

Dark Under Eye

How can Essence of Angar help reduce the appearance of dark circles under my eyes?

Taking a Stand Against Dark Circles and Bags Under the Eyes

dark under eye For some of us, the worst part about aging is when our bodies decide to announce it to the world via dark under eye splotches. One of the most embarrassing examples of this is having dark circles under the eyes. Dark, unsightly bags under the eyes give off the appearance of being exhausted and past prime, which is usually the exact opposite of what we like to portray to others especially when we are in a great mood and full of energy. Most of us want to show the world that we are confident and productive, and it is difficult to start the day with the sunniest outlook on life when the first glance at yourself of the day reveals dark, unpleasant circles under your eyes. Are there natural ways to combat dark circles and bags? Will you have to go under the knife to remove them? Can products help alleviate the symptoms of natural aging? This article will detail some of the causes, preventative measures, and options you have to combat this unfortunately blatant sign of aging.

What causes dark circles under the eyes?

Many things can cause dark circles under the eyes such as diet, fluid intake, allergies, stress and strain. Dark circles as a result of lifestyle are unpleasant to deal with, but at the same time, those causes are more or less under our control. The most unpleasant realization comes from the cause of dark circles that isn’t under our control: aging. As our bodies naturally age, our skin becomes thinner, weaker, and less elastic, which in turn causes underlying fat and discoloration to be more visible.

How can I reduce the dark circles and puffiness under my eyes?

Rinsing your face with cold water can reduce swelling. You may also lightly press a cold washcloth or moist tea bags to your closed eyes. Do this for 15 minutes and twice daily. Not only will this temporarily remove the visibility of the bags under your eyes, but it will also reduce swelling and slow the the development of more bags under your eyes. If the puffiness or darkness is caused by allergies, over the counter allergy medications can help reduce the allergic reaction. Obviously, reducing exposure to the allergen will alleviate the discoloration and puffiness. Getting more sleep can also reduce discoloration.

How do I prevent darkness and puffiness under my eyes?

The first step anyone should take when addressing discoloration and puffiness under the eyes is to find the cause. It could be something as simple as a lack of sleep, but it could also be linked to severe health conditions. It is never a bad idea to consult a doctor, but if the discoloration or puffiness you are experiencing is simply a cosmetic concern, the following may help you prevent it in the future.

Depending on genetics, drinking lots of fluids before bedtime can increase puffiness. These fluids are more likely to settle under your eyes while you sleep. Staying hydrated however is also important because it decreases water retention. Avoid salty foods as salt and MSG can cause puffiness in the eyes. Try to lay with your head elevated when watching TV, reading a book, or sleeping to encourage fluid circulation to other parts of your body. Avoid common allergens to reduce unsightly reactions. Make sure to get a full night’s sleep.

Are eye bag reduction products available and are they effective?

There are many anti-aging products available and many of them can help. Some of them attempt to combat all the effects of aging and do so in varying degrees of effectiveness. There is no perfect solution to reduce all signs of aging. However, there are some specialist products available that only target specific areas. Essence of Angar, for example, focuses on reducing the dark circles and wrinkles under your eyes. It does this by focusing on breaking up blood particles gathering under the skin of the eye, and strengthening leaking capillaries to prevent future discolorations. Some products claim to reduce the amount of capillaries under the skin, but to many customers, the thought of a product that removes blood vessels is an unsettling concept. Essence of Angar’s main active ingredient reduces leaks and strengthens capillaries, rather than removing them. This product will not reduce all signs of aging, but it was developed for one purpose and one purpose alone: to reduce discoloration and wrinkles.

What permanent solutions are there to remove darkness and puffiness from my eyes?

Although cosmetic fillers can reduce bags for up to a year, it can be an unpleasant and scary solution for many people. It is not permanent, and therefore must be a repeat procedure. Though cosmetic fillers can be completely safe, you must do your research and seek professional counsel before choosing the right solution for you. Keep in mind that some cosmetic fillers are safer than others.
Surgery can also be a solution, which usually involves opening the eye bag and melting the fat away followed by a variety of “tucking” procedures. While this procedure can drastically reduce the bags under the eyes, it may not affect the dark discoloration that usually goes along with eye bags as it does not affect the circulation or fluid retention of the area. For similar reasons to cosmetic fillers, surgery can be an unsettling option, but it is more permanent than cosmetic fillers and in most cases, will not have to be repeated.

So what’s the best solution?

Eye bags and discoloration can be caused by many different reasons. As such, different products work differently for different people. It is ultimately up to each person to do their research and find the solution that works the best for them. That being said, surgery is most likely the only permanent solution to removing fat deposits from under the eyes. As for wrinkles and discoloration under the eyes, a focused specialist product like Essence of Angar will yield the best results when targeting specific areas. We strongly recommend you take the Risk Free trial of Essence of Angar.

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